Lego Email UX Layouts

In 2017, I worked with Senior Marketing Managers at Lego Education to redevelop the layouts of their marketing emails. The initial project brief discussed the need for more efficacy in their email pushes, and there were some specific layout issues that needed be dealt with to improve the reception of these emails by customers

By reviewing the current layouts, and talking with the marketing team it became clear that the email layouts didn't feature enough differentiation across multiple elements - paragraphs, text heirarchy, images and more.

UX & Design Updates

With that in mind, I began providing new email wireframes that provided clear differentiation for each section of email; I also updated text styles to help header elements stand out more, and improve readability of list-style content such as events.

Additional Refinements

The original emails lacked some additional design elements that would aid in readability, so new layouts & designs were created to add iconography and table styles that made content easier to discern.

The examples below demonstrate some of the new layout & design elements (iconography, alternating content sections, clearly delineated content areas) that were created as part of this campaign. Upon approval, these layouts were implemented within Lego's email distribution program. Scroll below these designs to hear feedback from the client on this project.

What the Client Says

Beth Kamaroff

Working with Seth is a dream come true! He helped us develop display ads in addition to building email wire-frames. Whenever I would speak with Seth about my vision, I always felt like I was giving very vague ideas but what Seth would turnaround (and quickly!) was exactly what I was picturing. Additionally, Seth was able to take feedback and direction well to ensure that the project was up to our standards. Once he was fully immersed in the products/messaging, he was able to come up with creative and innovative ideas to really make the assets even stronger than we could have imagined! It truly has been a joy working with Seth as I know everything I get from him is on time, high quality, and above expectations.

- Emilie Loud, Senior Marketing Manager @ Digital at LEGO Education