Hello. I'm Seth Lincoln, a veteran

Digital Art Director

with an extensive base of agency (B2C & B2B) and in-house experience. Scroll down to see examples of my UX work, visual design work, learn about me or get in touch.

UX Design

Many of the projects I've worked on have called for UX work to be done ahead of Visual/UI Design. This includes not just wireframing (using Balsamiq, Moqups, etc) but also discovery in the form of discussions with clients about their goals, whiteboard sketching, persona research and more.

Below are some of the UX projects I've worked on - and some of these examples show both the UX & UI layouts I provided during the course of working with clients.


This small web application, created for Alcatel-Lucent while I was a designer at Maark includes UX & UI design examples.

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Education Emails

Lego Education needed a UX designer to boost the reach of their emails, and I stepped in to help achieve that goal.

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Talent Search Cards

I worked directly with Aquent's Software Development team to redesign their proprietary talent search interface.

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Integration & Branding

As Interactive Art Director at Merck Millipore, I led efforts to improve UX & rebrand a new combined company website

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UI & Visual Design

I've worked primarily as an interactive designer since 2003, providing designs for websites, banner ads, emails, mobile / device applications and more. The links below are a showcase of a few high-profile projects; for a glimpse into the work I did before freelancing, check out my creative grab bag.

SuccessFactors Redesign

When SAP needed help with their SuccessFactors site, I joined their creative team to design and produce new layouts.

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Confidence Redesign

As a freelancer working with Tangible UX, I created these conceptual redesigns for one of Intuit's lead-capture pages.

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HF Forum Site

While working at Maark, I created these pages to promote & assist in registration for Honeywell's HF Symposium Event.

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BUA Site

I worked directly with BU's marketing team to design and build this promotional site for new students.

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About Me

I've been in the design industry for over ten years, I've worked on my own and as the manager of a team of excellent designers. By nature of my career path I'm an all-rounder, so I'm well-versed in digital, presentation, and print work as well as management and I'm a versatile communicator when it comes time to present to clients.

I do my best to anticipate project issues. I look critically at everything I work on to make sure there are no 'gotchas' when it comes time to go live. I also make it a priority to educate clients and walk them through their ideas to learn what they really want, so I can turn it into reality.

When I'm not working, I'm probably riding my bike, hiking and camping with my kids, or wondering where the rest of my day went.

What Clients Say

Steve Gabriel, 36 Creative

I had a the pleasure of working with Seth on multiple occasions for creative work for a biotech client of mine, specifically digital assets for their website and social media channels.

He was always easy to work with, ahead of schedule and detail oriented. Anyone would be lucky to have him as part of their creative/design team.

Michelle (Mangino) Duncan - Director, Digital Health at Weber Shandwick

Michelle Duncan, Weber Shandwick

Seth is one of our most reliable and talented partners. He has never disappointed with his creative, and always delivers on time (often when we have really tight deadlines). On top of talent and reliability, Seth is one of the most down to earth, humble, and positive guys I know. Working with Seth over the last 4 years has been an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend him for any agency around.

Steve Gabriel - Managing Partner, 36creative

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